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Patrol Service
12 or 24 hours, provided to residential, commercial, or industrial locations. Our patrol staff utilizes fully marked, late model police package patrol vehicles.

-Patrol is staffed by our company’s most qualified officers. We offer both 12 and 24 hour service 12 hour service begins at 6:00pm and ends at 6:00am. Patrol service provides random patrol during service hours as well as call response. Our officers are dispatched by our communications center and provide property management with detailed documentation regarding the nature and resolution of every call for service.  In the event of a major incident on property patrol will assist law enforcement and emergency personnel while relaying information to dispatch for further dissemination to company management and property management.

Guard Service (back to top)
We provide officers to Multi-family or Commercial, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, or Industrial plants. We provide temporary or annual contracts, hard or soft uniforms. 

-Uniformed Officers depending on your budget and requirements may be armed or unarmed. The officers can manage access control, traffic flow, parking regulations and enforcement of community policies and regulations. During shift these officers maintain watch for suspicious persons and vehicles. Additionally our officers will interact with resident or tenets, staff and visitors in a professional manner.

Guard Service


Officer daily duties may include the following tasks:

· Walk / Patrol Continuously Through the property
· Continual Fire Watch
· Complete Daily Activity Report
· Monitor Traffic Flow Thru Property
· Enforcement of property rules and regulations
· Assist in parking rule enforcement
· Watch for Criminal Activity
· Response to calls for service.  Perform other activities as instructed

: ASTRO'S communications division is the nerve center of our company. Our dispatch must answer telephone calls and our agency’s radio communications, emergency and non-emergency, and dispatch police, fire, EMS, wrecker personnel and our own trained officers. We evaluate each call taken and transmit this to the responding division with precise accuracy. Our Company will serve as a model for other companies in the State of Texas working effectively as a team, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to improve operations & communication to better serve our clients. It's just another way our company provides you with peace of mind.
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Escort / Bank Transfer Service (back to top)

We will provide armed escorts to your bank or other locations. We can also provide Banks with ATM service escorts, or opening / closing escorts.

Civil Process Service (back to top)
With the courts prior approval we can serve your civil process service.

24 hour Alarm Response
Allow our patrol service to provide 24 hour alarm response to your home or business. We will report back to your monitoring company after checking the exterior doors and windows of the premises.

Personal Protection Officers
Armed, plain-clothes officers available for escorts or bodyguard service.

Private Investigations (back to top)
State licensed to provide all types of investigations. We have over 25 years experience in both criminal and civil investigations.

ASTRO SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS offers a wide range of investigative services.  Our investigative team is comprised of State of Texas licensed investigators who in addition to meeting state requirements also attend continuing education classes and receive continual on the job training.  ASTRO SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS is licensed and insured to provide any type of investigative services our clients might need. The services we provide include but are not limited to.

  • Civil Process Service: Our Civil Process Servers are approved by The Supreme Court of the State of Texas.  Our Process Servers attend a Regional Process Servers training academy and undergo an extensive background check by The Supreme Court of the State of Texas.

  • Insurance Fraud: Our investigators are well trained and equipped with the most up to date surveillance technology. This training as well as the tools available allow us to offer insurance providers a verifiable record of day to day activities of suspected fraudulent claimants.

  • Background Checks: From pre-employment to pre-marital we can provide extensive background information on any individual. These investigations are conducted in a discreet and lawful manner and will provide the client a detailed background of the subject in a clear, concise easy to understand report.

  • Employee Verification: ASTRO SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS is able to provide employers with a vast array of tools and services to verify employee productivity. From hidden cameras and computer monitoring tools to covert surveillance and GPS tracking of company vehicles we stand ready to assist employers in developing a custom tailored plan which allows employers to have access to all information necessary to make sound decisions when the termination of and employee is inevitable.

  • Infidelity Investigations: The decision to have your loved one investigated is difficult to make. If you have to make that decision ASTRO SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS is capable of performing a detailed and discreet investigation designed to either verify your suspicions or give you peace of mind. With the use of covert technology, surveillance and training we will make sure you have factual detailed information on which to make possibly life changing decisions


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